Winter is on it's way. Don't hide away in baggy clothes... look great in your favourite jeans

Is your winter wardrobe depressing? In just 3 weeks you could shift 5-9kg and feel awesome about getting into your favourite winter outfits.

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Now Hormone Free!!

Get great results with our safe hormone free blend of amino acids and herbs. No need to take a biologically derived hormone or have daily injections.   

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Qualified Professional Advice

The hCG protocol, founded by Dr Simeons, is tried and tested and has be around since the 1950s. The auGO program has had huge success and is overseen by a fully qualified Naturopath, Personal Trainer and member           of the HCG Diet Council.

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Fully Supported Program

We want you to succeed and provide support for each of the 4 phases

          step1 auGO-hcg-diet  LOAD  
          step2 auGO-hcg-diet  SHIFT  
          step3 auGO-hcg-diet  FLUSH
          step4 auGO-hcg-diet  LOCK IN

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Turn your life around

Experience the motivation of losing 5-9kgs in 21 days then take your life to the next healthy level. This 21 day program changes the way you look at food.  Break sugar cravings and learn how to eat right for life.

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Reach your Goals

What is your goal? Do you have an upcoming wedding or       sporting event? Do you just want to look good and feel great    in your own skin.

In just 3 weeks you could be aproximately 7-9kg lighter. and fitting into your skinny jeans

  • Summer's coming
  • Hormone Free
  • Fully qualified
  • Get support
  • Break bad habits
  • Reach your goals

HCG Diet Australia

Jumpstart your weight loss with auGO+ slim. Most of out clents shift around 7kg in 21 days and lose the weight from areas that they previously thought impossible to change.

Picture yourself a year ago, did you dream of a strong, fit, healthy body? Did you reach your goal? Did you try?

Do you still have the dream to shift unwanted fat and get healthy? What is stopping you? Imagine yourself a year from now... how will you feel if you do nothing...

auGO Australia is committed to bring you the best hormone free, non homoeopathic HCG Diet available in Australia.