loading your system

Your body needs fuel to run. This is the time you fuel your system in preparation for the next 21 days. See the menu suggestions for food and meal choices. The better you load, the better the diet phase will go. First, read the instructions here and trust the program.
HCG Diet Loading Phase pic
hCG Diet Australia shift phase
shifting old kilos

It’s time to shift your weight. The auGO diet drops are amazingly efficient at shifting your abnormal fat, the lumps and bumps that are normally so hard to move. The drops help you stick to a low calorie diet (500 cal / 2100kj) without hunger. Get your weight loss info, meal suggestions now.
HCG diet Flush Phase pic

flushing your system

Once you have shifted the weight it is time to clear your system of the drops before you go back to normal healthy eating. It takes 2-3 days for it to completely leave your system. Increasing your calorie intake above the 500cal may result in weight gain and after all your hard work we don’t want that!

HCG diet reset or Lock In phase

locking in the new you

This vital phase is time to let your body know the new you is here to stay. If you 'listen to your body' it will let you know what quantities and types of food it needs. Stick to lean protein, fruits and veg and avoid most fat, sugar and refined foods. Your rebalanced body will do the rest.
  • load
  • shift
  • flush
  • lock in

The 4 Phases of the HCG Diet

The diet itself is broken down into 4 phases

step1 auGO-hcg-diet    Load

days 1 - 2

During this time you take the drops and “pig out”. This is necessary to prepare the body for the shifting phase. Believe it or not you will be less hungry during the first week if you do this part right.

 step2 auGO-hcg-diet  Shift

days 3-24 (21 days)

This is the diet phase during which you take the drops and follow the 500cal diet .

 step3 auGO-hcg-diet      Flush

days 25-26

Continue to eat the 500cal diet but stop taking the drops. You will know the drops are out of your system when you start to become hungry again.

 step4 auGO-hcg-diet     Lock-in

This phase is equal in time to the shift phase, i.e. 21 days and is the transition back into “normal” eating. During this phase you must increase number of calories eaten but continue to eat low carbs and fats, you will gradually add back in regular foods.