menu and food tips

Drink 2-3 litres of water daily. 
Do not eat breakfast. Coffee, tea, herbal tea or green tea are ok.
Do not consume any fat.

Eat exact type and quantity of food as outlined.
• 100g protein, chicken, beef or lean fish, measured prior to cooking. Remove all visible fat and do not add fat during cooking. Approved cooking methods are steaming, poaching, baking and grilling without fat (100cal)
• 1 or a mix of vegetables from the approved list. Lettuce, spinach, celery, tomato, cucumber, asparagus, onion, fennel, chard.
• 1 grissini breadstick, mini toast or Kavli biscuit (20cal)
• 1 fruit from approved list. Apple, Orange, ½ Grapefruit or Strawberries. (55-110cal)

The above choices are for lunch and repeat for the evening meal. You can eat 2 meals or break them up to include snacks as long as no extra calories are consumed. For example, you may wish to eat your fruit mid morning and mid afternoon. Do not eat both pieces of fruit at the same time.

Beverages Drink at least 2litres of water each day. You may also drink coffee and tea (black /green / herbal) Drinks can be flavoured with lemon or stevia (sugar substitute) 1 tablespoon of milk is allowed in 24hrs .

Seasonings can be used as long as they do not contain MSG or sugar in them. Chilli or hot sauce, such as Tabasco is recommended because it curbs cravings.
All foods should be steamed, grilled or poached. Do not cook in oil or butter on the HCG diet.

hCG diet -Shifting phase 

Sample Menu 1
Breakfast – Tea / Coffee / Green tea
Morning Tea – Apple
Lunch – Chicken with salad, dressed with lemon, salt, pepper and chilli (optional) plus a grissini breadstick.
Afternoon Tea – Strawberries
Dinner – Steak with grilled tomatoes and steamed asparagus

Sample Menu 2
Breakfast – Tea / Coffee / Green tea
Morning Tea – Tea / Coffee / Green tea
Lunch – Steamed fish on a bed of steamed spinach with tomato salad, plus a grissini bread stick
Afternoon Tea – Orange
Dinner – Lean chicken mince and lettuce wraps (San Choy bow style) grissini breadstick
Snack – Apple