hCG holistic program

The Holistic Program is broken down into 3 separate phases


This phase is designed to detox or cleanse the body in preparation for the weight loss phase of the program. It is a 5-7 day regime aimed at eliminating the majority of foods that can cause a reaction in the body. There is no restriction of foods during this phase, although many people report a weight loss of 2-3 kg. This is primarily fluid which is released when the reactive foods are removed from your daily intake.


This is the primary weight loss phase. The 21 day or 43 day program is broken down into 4 phases, load, shift, flush and lock inauGO Australia has taken the time to source a product that is entirely hormone free, it is also non-homeopathic. auGO+ slim is a powerful blend of amino acids and herbs that is used in conjunction with Dr Simeons hCG diet to help you shift 5-9kg in 21 days.


This product is a powerful formulation containing Raspberry Ketones and African Mango. It is designed to support you as you move from the diet phase into more regular eating. When taken in conjunction with healthy eating plan and moderate exercise regime it acts to increase fat loss and suppress your appetite. Raspberry ketones are a natural compound which research has found has potent fat-burning capabilities, while African Mango, is the only ingredient clinically proven to manipulate the “obesity hormone” known as leptin.