about auGO

On a personal level, I have always struggled with weight and firmly believe I was drawn to both nutrition and fitness to learn. As a Naturopath and Personal Trainer I was unable to shift the weight I had gained during pregnancy, even doing everything right!

It wasn't until a friend inadvertantly sent me a link to Dr Simeon's 500 cal diet and the hCG diet. I sent away for the product, not really believing it would work. I didn't tell my husband because again... I didn't think it would work.

I week later my hubby asked me what I was doing because my bum was shrinking... rapidly. On the hCG diet I lost 7kg in 21 days and I was thrilled, nothing I had done in 2 years had budged so much as 2kg. I have now lost 20kg in total and my body just seems to work better, despite being nearly 45 years old.

I decided then and there that Australia deserved to have access to this product. Within months I set up an online business. I had no idea how many others were out there seeking a solution. Three months after I started... I shut up shop because I simply could not keep up with the demand and I just had not been prepared for how BIG it would get.

It has now taken me 2 years to relaunch my business, but I needed to take the time to get it right. I apologise to my existing clients who have waited so long. During that time the original homeopathic hCG  drops I used and sold have been made illegal to import or sell in Australia so as a company we have put the time into research and testing products. Thanks to all my human guinea pigs!

As a company, auGO is helping Australians shift excess weight fast using Dr Simeons HCG Diet. This natural weight loss program combines hormone free hCG drops and diet for dramatic results. This Diet really works and is sweeping the country in America - now it’s available to you here is Australia.

auGO has taken the time to source and trial the newest hormone free hCG and we are so pleased to be bringing the very best to Aussies who wish to shift weight safely, naturally and quickly.

Do you want to lose weight? Are you sick of carrying around those extra kilos? Do you feel uncomfortable in your clothes? Have you tried everything to get trim and toned? Do you feel like it will never happen?

My personal goal is to make a difference to the obesity epidemic. Weight loss is a multi-million dollar industry and yet across the world weight is ballooning. More has to be done!

I believe the hCG diet products available on this website are a great way to jumpstart your weight loss and increase your consciousness about what you eat and drink and the quantities your body really needs to function efficiently. At the completion of this program, it is time to resume a healthy diet of lean meats, diary, fruits and vegies, limiting fats and highly processed foods. Increasing your activity level, both in organised exercise and incidental activity is also essential for maintaining health for life.